Apollo Florist originated in 1934 and was a part of a large Zorastrian Irani family business. The family, fondly known as 'the Florist Family', grew their own flowers, had a number of florists under various names, ran a nursery as well as did most part of landscaping in Mumbai and Pune. It was one of the 1st florists in Mumbai and flourished under the love and care of Mr.Homi Irani.

Being a family business it was later handed down to his children,Adil & Zarira, whose diligence and helpful natures attracted a large number of loyal clients.

While competition increased, and franchising was the new way to expand, quality and personal touch was always Apollo Florists' biggest strength. Two aspects very difficult to control via franchising. Not willing to compromise, on the two principles drilled into them, they braved it through and came out at the top, maintaining Apollo Florists' standing and renowned name in the industry.

The present bearers of the torch - Natasha Aref-Irani and Nauheed Cyrusi, continue the tradition of quality, personal attention to detail and value for money.

VISIT US AT: Apollo Florist, Shop no.3, Halima Manzil, Forjett Street, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400036, INDIA


On any given day, you can just walk into Apollo Florist and you will be greeted by the lovely, smiling faces of Natasha & Nauheed.

These two hardworking entrepreneurs are young, strong and sure minded women and share the same vision for their business - to make every customer happy, satisfied and return.

Natasha has a background in theatre production and event planning, while Nauheed's background is in film acting and shooting. Both fields having creativity, attention to detail and flawless execution in common they make a perfect team and the driving force behind Apollo Florist.

Their belief in quality and their natural flair for design make Apollo Florist creations unique and a class apart.

Every day they create fresh, new designs, and are constantly trying out new concepts and variations to make the receivers of their works of art squeal with delight!